RoRolife Nugget

Sometimes when things aren’t going our way, we feel like God is punishing us. However, have you stopped to think that it’s because God has a bird’s eye view of the big picture. For instance, if you’re heading on a road trip from Miami to Orlando and you get a flat tire in West Palm Beach, of course it is an inconvenience. In the moment you will probably complain about the delay. If God told you while changing the tire, “The reason I caused this flat tire is to prevent an 18 wheeler from cutting you off and causing a life threatening accident a few exits up”, you would be grateful for the delay!.

God doesn’t have to spell out His entire plan to us. We just have to learn to trust Him. I always compare God’s care, concern and love for me to my Mother’s. I know she loves me unconditionally and would never do anything purposely to hurt me. I also KNOW that God loves me even more than that. So when things aren’t going my way, I give God the benefit of the doubt. I know He didn’t wake me up this morning thinking “Let me purposely do something to hurt Rochelle today.” If He closes doors, it is because He has greater things in store for us. If you lose a job, it’s probably because He wants you to start a business or He has a better job opportunity lined up. If He ends a relationship, it’s probably because He has a better person suited for you.

 Change your mind and perspective when things aren’t going your way to a “benefit of the doubt stance.” I know it is much easier to think of all the bad stuff, but I really want us to practice thinking about all the GOOD stuff. It feels so much better and it makes us happier and more excited about life. When things don’t work out, see it as God’s protection, not His punishment! #rorolifenugget #happinessis #divineprotection #benefitofthedoubt #perspective

What do YOU want? Not what your family wants. Not what your friends want. Not what society tells you to want. What do YOU want? Until you get clear about what you want, you will keep attracting experiences or people counter to your desire.

If you walk into Starbucks and tell the barrister, “I would like a coffee that’s sweet and tasty.” He will make something that you may or may not like. However, if you ask for a tall skinny vanilla latte then the barrister is clear about the type of coffee you want and will make exactly that. I use that simple example to demonstrate why it is important to have clarity about your desires. I realized that I was giving the Universe mixed signals. I would say I want a certain outcome but then I would get things that were sorta-kinda-almost-but not quite like what I thought I wanted. After sitting with myself and being still, I realized I wasn’t necessarily being very clear with people about what I truly wanted. I may have started out wanting a certain thing, but as I grew and became more enlightened, I didn’t clearly articulate my new wants. Now, I am entirely clear on what I want and more importantly what I need, so I don’t entertain anything or anyone counter to that. Your wants will inevitably evolve over time and after different encounters, so it is important that you keep refining them.

You can only get what you ask for, but you will only know what to ask for if you truly take the time to know yourself, your wants, your likes and dislikes. How do you get clear about what YOU want? You have to spend quiet time alone where you can tap into the desires of your heart. Ask yourself questions such as: What do I want? WHY do I want that? If I get that, how will that make me feel? How will having that thing help me grow or make me better? If I don’t get that thing, what is another alternative? Is the thing I want, the BEST thing for me right now? How will getting what I want contribute to the grandest, highest possible version of me and my life? You must get clear on your wants, needs, and goals before you can ask others to accommodate them! #rorolifenugget #happinessis #clarity #enlightenment #selfdevelopment #growth