One Happy Thought at a Time: 30 Days to a Happier You, Rochelle Gapere teaches readers how to live a life that engages them at every level. Through shared personal stories, anecdotes and life lessons, this book teaches readers how to become a happier version of themselves despite life’s inevitable ups and downs. The lessons in this book will empower readers to make happiness enhancing decisions each and every day.


The One Happy Thought at a Time Journal is designed to help you create a plan to live a life that is engaging at every level. It features inspirational quotes and nuggets, as well as, plenty of space to record your thoughts and insights on your journey to becoming the happiest version of you! The One Happy Thought at a Time Journal will become your written record of your happy thoughts! Remember, you have the power to choose one happy thought every day, one happy thought every hour, or one happy thought every minute! The more happy thoughts you choose, I guarantee the result will be a happier you!

Online Course

HAPPILY SINGLE is an online course designed for the single woman who wants to learn how to live her happiest, most-fulfilling single life. After walking away from a 5-year relationship with the person she thought she would marry, Rochelle realized that she could either wallow in self-pity or she could make the most of her single season. She chose the latter! Three years later, not only is she thriving, but she is MUCH happier single than she was the last year of her relationship.

Are you ready to create a happier you?