Rochelle Gapere is a powerful, impactful speaker who speaks to audiences on how to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Examples of Rochelle's Keynotes

Maximize Your Happiness..on Purpose!

Happiness is accessible to everyone if we are intentional about developing our own avenues to joy.

In this keynote, Rochelle shares:

  • Science-based keys to unlock your happiness
  • How to triumph by overcoming life’s inevitable disappointments
  • How to choose happiness by making happiness-enhancing decisions each and every day
  • How to rewire one’s mind to think positively
  • How to create daily practices that bolster joy
  • Tips on how to design a powerful mindfulness practice

Happiness in the Workplace

Research shows that happy people are typically much more successful.

In this keynote, Rochelle shares:

  •  How to increase happiness and meaning in the workplace
  •  How to cultivate a work culture that increases employee productivity
  •  Thought provoking ideas on how to improve work-life balance
  •  Tips on how to build positive relationships in the workplace
  •  How to foster positive transformations within the workplace

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Corporate Workshops

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One-on-One Coaching

Feeling stuck in life? Want to discover new pathways to happiness?


Feeling stuck in life? Want to discover new pathways to happiness?

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